The Cosmic Egg and the Bluebird of Happiness

So the stag came home with me along with all my materials and the creations of the last month. I decided to use a room at home which I adapted to work as a studio space for the time being. I don’t have as much room as I had before and because it has a … More The Cosmic Egg and the Bluebird of Happiness


Day 12 – Retreat

Each morning I pick three cards from my current favourite deck – Kyle Gray’s Angels & Ancestors. This morning this passage from the accompanying book jumped out at me. You are not here to cower away or live in the shadows, you are here to realise your fullest potential, but this can only occur when … More Day 12 – Retreat

Day 11 – Bridges

I began the day with my usual Touch Drawing practice. This has many benefits that I have talked about in previous posts but it occurred to me today that while drawing instinctively and subconsciously I am imprinting muscle memory which can be useful when I move on to intentional mark making. The images created and … More Day 11 – Bridges

Day 10 – Harvest

Each day in the studio I pick three cards from Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors deck. Today I got messages about the seeds I have sown coming to fruition. Harvest. Seeing the fruit of my labours and that was exactly how it felt today. I finished the Newgrange painting and am really happy with how … More Day 10 – Harvest

Day 9 – Progress

I’ve always been a bit scared of painting. My lovely Art teacher Farquhar Macintosh Frazer used to creep up behind me, take the pencil out of my hand and insert a paintbrush. I would put it down, get out another pencil and carry on. So I have successfully avoided painting for most of my life … More Day 9 – Progress