A Blog from the Bog

It’s been months since I’ve been in the bog and I was thirsty to be there again. When snow gave way to blue skies I bolted from the house, down the lane that is the threshold. There is much here that echoes life. I cannot walk a straight path but must meander, scouting ahead for … More A Blog from the Bog

Water power

I read years ago about the water experiments of Masaru Emoto and the idea that positive and negative emotions can influence water or be absorbed by water intrigued me. Considering our physical bodies are made up mainly from water, this is a concept worth considering for our health and well being. Emoto has his critics … More Water power

Nurtured by Nature

I spent some time in my willow dome this morning. I go there when I need comfort, renewal and re-connection. I lie (on my waterproof blanket – I live in the wettest county in Northern Ireland) on the earth and remember that I lay my body, on the body of the earth, our planet. This … More Nurtured by Nature

I am a River

I sing in a choir and one of my favourite songs is “I am a river, flowing to the ocean, I am a river, passing through this land.” I love this sentiment that we are carried along by some force greater than ourselves, always moving forward. So when it comes to change in my life … More I am a River

Under Pressure

There’s nothing like the death of someone close to make us stop and pay attention to our own lives. I recently lost a friend to suicide. What can I say about that? I have so many different and conflicted feelings at the moment I barely know where to start, but the thought that keeps coming … More Under Pressure