Creative Spark

Lately I have been feeling cut off from others, not surprisingly, but also from myself and the creative force we all have inside. It’s not a good feeling so when I noticed it I wondered what to do.

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

I remembered I had signed up for an online course back in December called Vision Quest, a Community Coh-Sync Project run by the Donegal Local Development Company in conjunction with Interreg. There were to be 4 one hour online sessions with the inspirational artist Bernie Wilson to be accessed as and when suited the participants with the aim of improving their health and wellbeing.

As usual, I was all enthusiasm at the start using the pack of great materials they sent out, and then got distracted and forgot to continue. But when I noticed my disconnection with my creative spark I thought it would be worth giving the second session a go. The structure and encouragement of the session was great to get me started and by the end I felt I had really achieved something worthwhile, which I shared with the private facebook group and the feedback I got there helped encourage me further.

The piece I created reminded me of a poem I had written a while ago (shared in my blog in April 2018) and I dug it out and read it. Seeing that I had created something good before helped me believe I could do it again. I mentioned the poem to a friend and she asked to read it. She loved it and asked my permission to read it to her online meditation group. I got shivers when I heard her read it out and was impressed by how good it sounded.

I noticed in the days following the session that ideas were coming to me for creative projects. I was seeing how they might look, small details and techniques I could use. I started writing down my ideas before I forgot them. I find if I don’t write down the bones of the idea or make a start on it within a day or so of having the idea, I either forget about it or my initial enthusiasm wanes and I am no longer interested in pursuing the idea.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

It’s a reminder to me, that when I feel my mojo has gone, I may need to engage with someone, a group or a class to get me back on track, to help me strike the match, light the candle and nurture my own inner flame.

Photo by Ani Yordanova on Unsplash

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