Might as well be friends

I haven’t had porridge in so long. I took a notion for it this morning. Now I feel like the Readybrek boy with an inner glow! Don’t you think the way you start your day is important?

Five weeks ago I decided to start a morning practice taking 30 minutes to do some movement for my body, some sitting meditation and some journaling. I said I would do it every day for two weeks. That was my goal. I know from past experience to make my goals small & easy achievable & then build on them once I get momentum. When starting something new I try to parent myself as if I was a small, easily discouraged child.

I wanted to have some way of telling if it made a difference so I filled in a wellbeing assessment before I started & the same one again after 4 weeks. I was surprised by the results on many levels.

What impressed me most was the difference in my answers after 4 weeks. Every area had improved and when I looked at it overall, I was noticing how I was feeling, responding to that and being nicer to myself. I would say I’m a nice person, to other people, but I’m not always nice to me.

The other surprise I got was looking back at how I’d filled in the assessment at the start. I was being so hard on myself. And it had become a habit. I had no awareness I was doing it to such an extent.

I’m usually all enthusiasm at the start of a new project, then I get bored, but I’m chuffed that I’ve stuck with it for 5 weeks and don’t have any plans to stop. I look forward to it & miss it on the few days I can’t fit it in. I don’t mind getting up 30 minutes earlier. I just try to go to bed earlier.

Taking time with myself, getting to know how I’m feeling each day, is a bit like finding a new friend and I really like her. The upside is, she’s with me all the time. The downside is, she’s with me all the time. There’s no getting away from yourself, so you might as well be friends.

Photo credits to @anniespratt and @rpnickson at Unsplash

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