Catastrophic Thinking

Catastrophic thinking is defined as: ruminating about irrational worst-case outcomes.

I used to do this. A lot. I convinced myself that by imagining the worst case scenario I was somehow protecting myself from the shock or trauma of bad news.

It’s paralysing, it sucks up so much of your energy and it doesn’t work. 
I found I was still devastated when faced with bad news. My heart broke and my knees gave way just the same. Even worse, when things were good I wasn’t enjoying them because I was so busy imagining all the ways it could go wrong. It had become a habit.

I realised during a conversation today that I’ve stopped and began to wonder when that happened and what had caused the change.

I remembered the first time I sent distant Reiki. You connect with the person by picturing them in your mind, standing in front of you and see yourself working down their body using the same hand positions as you would for hands on Reiki. If I haven’t met the person I ask for a photograph and can connect just as well that way. I feel the energy flowing to them just as if they were in the room. I have sent Reiki to many people over the years and have had such positive feedback that I know it works.

When I first began to connect with people this way I realised that I could affect their energy by my intention. In Reiki practice the intention is always that you send healing for the highest good of all concerned as this is the purest intention, without any influence on the outcome. But what if I was just thinking about someone I knew and engaging in catastrophic thinking about them. Could I send them my fear and anxiety unintentionally? I think this is highly likely.

We have a strong energetic connection to those we love. Have you ever heard the phone ring and just know who is phoning you without looking at the number? That’s an example of your connection.

I live in Northern Ireland and my elderly father lives in Scotland. Although he’s in pretty good health at the moment, I know that I could receive a phone call at any time with dreaded news about him. I could easily go into a spiral of panic and fear around this. But will it help me or him? I don’t believe so. My choice is this; be practical. I keep enough money in my bank account to pay for a flight home at all times. I do my best to tell him all the things I would say at his bedside if he were dying. (This bit is hard as we’re not that kind of family but I’d prefer to feel a bit awkward now than have regrets later.) Finally when I think of him, instead of worrying I picture his smiling face and send him love from my heart.

You can also try saying:

May I have peace. May you have peace. May all beings everywhere have peace.


May I know I am loved. May you know you are loved. May all beings everywhere know they are loved.

I love Maya Angelou’s wise words;

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