The Self Care Toolbox Part 1

When I teach Reiki I like to ask my students what resources they use to maintain good health or to improve their health if it takes a dip. We brainstorm on a flip chart page and when we finish I add Reiki to the list and tell them they now have it to add to their resources which I call The Self Care Toolbox.

I have many tools I use depending on the situation.


I don’t actually keep them in a box but when I gathered a few of them together for this visual I wondered if it wouldn’t be a bad idea. On those days when life is heavy and you just want to pull the duvet over your head to drown out the alarm, wouldn’t it be amazing to put your hand under the bed and pull out a box with your favourite playlist on an iPod, a bar of chocolate, your favourite essential oil and a photo of you having a great time with friends, to remind you that good times will come again?


As soon as I completed this word-pic of my toolbox I realised I’d left out a few things. Life resources are like that, you keep adding to them and tweaking them. Some things you outgrow and some are constant. Your’s will not look like mine. Each is unique.

For me the red shoes thing is totally Dorothy. The Wizard of Oz was my favourite film as a child and every time I put on a pair of red shoes I feel like anything is possible.

The chocolate is probably linked to childhood too, specifically a legendary chocolate birthday cake my Mum made for me when I was about 10. I stood beside it inhaling the chocolate gorgeousness, with my mouth watering, until it was time to cut it. As an adult I concur with Dr Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom when she said she believes in the medicinal use of chocolate.

I’m also a great believer in A Good Cry. Sometimes we hold the tears in for so long that we can’t cry when we need to. This is when The Sad Film comes in handy. Even though the situation in the story may have nothing to do with your own, when we cry in sympathy with someone else it can break down those barriers we’ve constructed in order to stay strong and let us get in touch with our emotions.

Do you have a Self Care Toolbox? If you do, what’s in it? If you don’t maybe it’s time to start collecting. I have some shoe boxes you can have.

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