I am prepared to wait, unlit,

In my place; contemplating

While overhead, the world waits, sunlit.


I dig deep. My roots go down,

Feeding, searching, far and wide,

Anchoring me for what’s to come.


I plunge through ancient layers

While worms caress and coil

Finding secrets hidden there.


When I am filled with potential

And comforting warmth surrounds me,

I raise one finger, hand and arm,

A sword of green, to pierce the dark.


I rise! I rise!



There are those, who will not green

This year, or any other.

Their broken remnants we absorb

And they sustain us still.

The tree that lay down

We green for them

And softly give their names

Unto the wind.


Dandelion Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash

All other photos by Morag Donald

Unearthed © Morag Donald 2017


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