Endless Creation


During my first experience of Reiki I received the words “Endless Creation”.

At that time I was searching for meaning in my life after finding out my future was not going to work out at all as I had planned.

That was fourteen years ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what it means ever since and why I got those words at that moment in my life.


Looking through an old journal recently I came across this entry from four years ago, where it seems I stumbled across the answer, only to forget it again among the pages. This is the spiral path of remembering and forgetting.


25th May 2013

I was born complete and I have always been complete. The idea that I can only be complete by doing or achieving certain things in my life is an illusion I have created myself.                                

 The reality is that I don’t have to

do anything

make anything

have anything

heal anything

create anything

give up anything

hold on to anything

to be complete.

I just have to be here now, with myself, and observe my total connection with everything, and from a place of total, acceptance, love and forgiveness, if it is in me to create, then I shall create, with all of my being, with my voice, with my hands. These creations will be seen and heard, but they begin deep within and journey outward. Once seen and heard, they continue their journey on endlessly. This is endless creation.



Four Seasons embroidery was designed and created by my mother, Moira Whyte.

The serpent was embroidered by Morag Donald and represents the goddess, the healer and the endless spiral of life/death/life and creation.

The boat and bird images were created by Morag Donald during a recent Touch Drawing session.  http://touchdrawing.com/




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