Water power

I read years ago about the water experiments of Masaru Emoto and the idea that positive and negative emotions can influence water or be absorbed by water intrigued me. Considering our physical bodies are made up mainly from water, this is a concept worth considering for our health and well being.

Emoto has his critics and having read both sides of the argument I was still undecided so I decided to carry out my own experiment. It’s not very scientific. There’s no control for a start. I’m really not a scientific person. When I decided to try giving Reiki energy to the seeds I had planted in my vegetable garden, I briefly considered not giving Reiki to one area, as a control. I dismissed the idea immediately. Why would you choose not to help the plants to be happy and healthy? In the name of science? No thanks.

So my experiment is to take water from an underground spring, store it in a glass bottle and place it on my alter where I have many positive messages of love, hope and encouragement and where I stop several times a day to tune in, receive guidance and give thanks. I will drink the water each day for a month and record how I feel during this time. If I feel the water is beneficial, I will make this a permanent part of my routine. However if I don’t feel any benefits I won’t.  I will post again in four weeks with the results.


Read more about Masaru Emoto’s research here:



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